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Celebrating 30 years of service by our

beloved Ba'al Keriah, Bernie Horowitz!

In honor and celebration of his 30 years reading the Torah at the Bayit, we are proud to make available recordings of each week's Torah portion read by Bernie Horowitz. 

Introductions - click below to read introductions to the Parasha Project

by Bernie, Rav Steven and rav avi

Bernie's Introduction

Rav Steven's Introduction

Rav Avi's Introduction

Guide to Torah reading

Background Information

Click below to hear Bernie sing each of the cantillation marks.

For more information and additional recordings click here.

טעמי המקרא

Dedication opportunities

Recognize a friend, family member or mark a special occasion by dedicating a parasha and supporting the Parasha Project. 

Click here to submit your dedication.

Click to listen or download

We are working on adding recordings of the Five Megillot to the Parasha Project. In honor of Shavuot 5780 Bernie has completed the recording of Megillat Rut. Please visit to listen!

Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780