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The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale – The Bayit – is an open Orthodox synagogue serving the entire Jewish community. We warmly embrace all Jews, regardless of affiliation, commitment, orientation, or background. Our name, the "Bayit," means home; a place of love and welcome. The HIR is known nationally for bringing spirituality into the synagogue, for activism, for youth and teen engagement, for learning programs, and for work on behalf of the elderly, the homebound, and those developmentally and physically challenged.

If these words resonate with you, if our Bayit has touched your life, then please join our growing membership.

Membership is open to all Jews regardless of affiliation, commitment or background who wish to join us on our journey of prayer, Torah study,  advocacy for the State of Israel, and work on behalf of our local community, the broader Jewish community and the oppressed.

First-year household membership is $1,300 ($650 for Single membership)*.   Please fill out the online form here or fill out and return the paper membership application form to the office.

Tomchei HaBayit (Bayit Sustainers):   The Tomchei HaBayit program is an approach that changes our financial relationship with supporters from a fee per program every month or two, to a holistic approach that allows each member to make an ongoing commitment to the Bayit for the year instead of paying separately for each program and event. Click here for details.

Associate Membership is available to those who are full members of another Synagogue but wish to join us for specific programs and services.  Riverdale residents: $500 per year,  Out-of-town residents: $250 per year.  Please fill out the online form here and return the associate membership application to the office.


A silver lining of the difficult times when we were physically distant is that our remote learning and tefillot have connected us to new faces and reconnected us with old friends who have left Riverdale. These connections are enduring even as we have resumed our robust in-person programming.  We invite you to deepen our mutual engagement by becoming a Virtual Member of our Bayit family. The cost is $250 and you can choose to make your full gift now, or setup a payment plan - whatever works best for your budget. Apply at:  www.thebayit.org/form/virtual
*Financial hardship is not a barrier to participation in religious activities or membership. Please contact our Executive Director, Richard Langer, a member of our Rabbinic Staff or any of our lay leadership, to discuss a level of support that is appropriate to your resources.
Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784