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The Bayit's Daf Yomi is taught by a team of member volunteers and meets both in person and via Zoom. Check our weekly bulletin for the updated schedule of times and who is teaching each day.
Thank you to Eli Oberstein, Rabbi David Schwartz, and Dov Weinstock for sharing the teaching load and allowing us to share these recordings with the community.

Daf Yomi classes are recorded Sunday - Friday, excepting Yom Tov. The recordings begin with Masekhet Shabbat Daf 21 (mid-chapter 2).

Thank you to Shani & Rabbi David Schwartz for sponsoring the creation of this video library.

Click the Masekhet below to access the recordings.

Seder Nashim


Seder Nezikin

Bava Kamma
Bava Metzia

Seder Kodashim

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784