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In light of the attacks on Israel that began on October 7th, we now have a dedicated page to Israel Response - please click here.

Why the Israel Action Committee?

Support for Israel has always been a central tenet of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale. Particularly in these challenging times for Jews worldwide, the Bayit community recognizes the need to take a more proactive approach to deepen our connection with the Jewish State.

The Israel Action Committee (IAC) has been formed to strengthen our bonds with Israel; to further educate ourselves and others on the geopolitical, security, religious and cultural issues Israel must deal with in today’s world; to mobilize our community in promoting a more positive and nuanced public understanding of the Jewish State; and to empower those who want to get involved but don’t quite know how.

The formation of the IAC is also a response, in part, to rising global anti-Semitism—often masquerading as anti-Zionism, and the shocking hate speech and bias we’re seeing daily online, in the news, and even in our political discourse.

E-mail: Israelaction@thebayit.org

Two Goals We Hope to Meet:

(1) Deepen our connection to Medinat Yisrael by learning about its religious meaning, history and present and by highlighting its often-unsung accomplishments and exceptional worldwide contributions in science, health, technology and the arts.

(2) Promote a more vigorous understanding of Medinat Yisrael through our response to media outlets, individuals and groups whose words and actions not only undermine Israel’s security, international standing, and economic well-being, but also contribute to a climate of anti-Semitism in America.

Message from the Committee Chairperson

Dear Bayit Members and Friends,
Thank you for your interest in the Israel Action Committee. Love, support, and connection to Israel is a central theme of our Bayit. Now more than ever, there is a pressing need for us to take action.

The committee is currently involved in promoting two amazing Zionist organizations. One of these is Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans (FIDV), which runs numerous programs to rehabilitate and help those who have sacrificed so much for the Jewish people.  Sadly the number of these wounded is destined to grow.
The other organization is Friends of ELNET (European Leadership Network) , which is involved in Israel advocacy in Europe, where it is desperately needed. We are of course willing to consider other initiatives. If you are interested in participating please contact me at Israel@thebayit.org.
Zvi Paikin
Committee Chair


The Israel Action Committee WANTS YOU!

The Bayit community has demonstrated its love of Israel over the years in many different ways and from many ideological perspectives. The IAC wants to mobilize these diverse views to help Israel grow from strength to strength.

For some, the IAC represents an opportunity to fulfill a religious obligation. Others may simply wish to come to the aid of the only democracy in the Middle East.

Participation in the IAC can serve as a vehicle to renew frayed links with the Jewish State or to demonstrate solidarity with a son or daughter serving in the IDF or family member living in Israel.

Are you upset with the anti-Israel bias displayed in the media? In a fighting mood to challenge local supporters of the international BDS campaign directed against Israel?  Frightfully worried over the rise of anti-Semitism from the U.S.  to Ukraine?

All good reasons, too, to enlist in our Israel Action Committee.


To join the Israel Action Committee please contact Israelaction@thebayit.org.

Israel Now

“Israel Now,” was a weekly feature of our Bayit’s daily email (reprinted in the upcoming Shabbat bulletin).  Love, support and connection to Medinat Yisrael is a pillar of our Bayit.  As we defend and advocate for our homeland to be the Jewish and democratic state of which we dream, now more than ever, we presented each week a summary of a current story or thought highlighting Israel’s leadership and progress in a technological, medical, agricultural, economic, religious, cultural, or human interest area.  Please read, enjoy and share.   
**We are looking for volunteers to once again bring Israel Now stories to our daily email and weekly Bulletin. Please contact....**

February 15, 2023: UJA's response to the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria - please click here to read the article.
February 8, 2023: UAE Senior Royal receives medical treatment in Israel - please click here to read the article.
February 1, 2023: Abraham Accords Development - please click here to read the article.



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Film Resources

  • Israel Film Center, Marlene Meyerson JCC: israelfilmcenterstream.org
  • Ma’aleh Film School Movie Catalog: https://www.maale.co.il/en/movies/catalog
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
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