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Every Gift Matters

One of many unique aspects of our community is the broad donor base that we rely on for support.  Whereas, many "healthy" shuls expect to raise 80% of their funds from just 20% of the members, we rely on over 30% of our members to reach the same 80% threshold. That means we need each person in our Bayit to support us in our mission. Click here to make your gift now.


Membership dues account for almost 1/3 of our annual budget, however financial hardship is not a barrier to membership or to full participation as an active participant in our community.   If our mission and programs resonate with you, we want you to be a member of our synagogue.  Click here to learn more about membership options that match your resources.

Tomchei HaBayit 

 The Tomchei HaBayit program is an approach that changes our financial relationship with supporters from a fee per program every month or two, to a holistic approach that allows each member to make an ongoing commitment to the Bayit for the year instead of paying separately for each program and event.


Click on the links below to learn more about different ways to celebrate or commemorate special occasions.

Capital Campaign

Thanks to our generous supporters we have made tremendous progress reducing our mortgage and lowering our annual debt service costs. With all our progress, the need for additional support continues as debt service accounts for almost 10% of our annual expenses. Your gift brings the date that we can focus all our resources on new programs that much closer. Click here to make your pledge now

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