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"The Bayit warmly welcomes all Jews,  regardless of affiliation, commitment or background. "

Unwritten, but well known is that we welcome all, regardless of their financial means.

The Bayit is a home for all Jews who wish to join us on our spiritual journey.  Our mission includes daily prayers and classes, actively speaking out for social justice, advocating for the State of Israel and Jews around the world, as well as outreach to those who are not acquainted with Jewish traditions.

Maintaining our building and its full slate of Tefillot, Classes, Youth Programs, Holiday Celebrations and more requires your support.  

In order to keep membership within reach of the majority of our community, dues are currently set at 30% ($700 single vs $1400) of our annual operating expenses per adult member ($2400 per adult, per year).  Those who are unable to afford this rate are welcomed as members at whatever level of support they are capable of. 

We rely on your generosity to fund the remaining 70% of our annual expenses and long-term obligations.

We hope you will choose to become one of our Tomchei HaBayit (Bayit Sustainers) - those individuals committed to supporting our Bayit at the actual cost per adult of $2400/year. 

Sun, September 19 2021 13 Tishrei 5782