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Sefarim Fund

HIR Sefarim (Book) Fund

Thank you for your support of the Bayit. Over the years our supply of prayer books, Chumashim (Pentateuch) and other Jewish books tend to wear out. Your assistance in renewing our supply will benefit every Prayer Service and Class. Our Rabbinic Staff and Gabbaim will work together to purchase the books most needed by the synagogue. Each book will have a label on the inside cover to honor those who contribute to the Sefarim Fund.
Gifts to the Sefarim Fund are recognized with a bulletin listing the 2nd Shabbat of each month.  If you choose to dedicate your gift in honor or memory of someone, we will also send a letter of acknowledgment to the honoree or the family.
Click here to donate a book.
Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784