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To join a Bayit WhatsApp group click on the image of the group you want to join. Please note that to prevent spam, all requests to join a group will be reviewed by the office. Please be sure to include your full name and mobile number with each request.
Bayit Highlights | Events & Derashot
A place to see key Bayit events and derashot from Bayit Clergy.
Bayit Pesach Rabbinic Qs
Straight after Purim this group opens up for all halachic, or related to Pesach questions.
Bayit Errands
Offer communal support and run errands. Dedicated to the memory of our friend Saadya Simon z"l.
Bayit All But Errands
A place where the Bayit community shares general news, resources, requests, and support.
Bayit Weekday Tefillah
Updates on Tefillah times or locations, source sheets for post-tefillah classes and other tefillah related notices.
Bayit Shabbat Tefillah
Updates about Shabbat & Yom Tov tefillah times and locations.
Bayit Shiva Tefillah 

Support in person tefillot during the week of shiva.
Bayit Shiva Supplies
Help the Bayit community by delivering and collecting shiva supplies to and from HIR.
Bayit Comfort Meals
This group provides meals during the week of shiva and for those weathering a crisis or illness.
Bayit Shabbat Meals
Join this group to help deliver warm Shabbat meals that the Bayit offers weekly.
Bayit Helping Hands
This is a chesed group who offer rides to medical appointments, help find a davening buddy, walk/push to & from Tefillah, makes calls to check-in or connect with neighbors and friends, and take an active role in food rescue.
Bayit Daf Yomi
Join our community of Talmud learners, one day at a time, with Eliezer Oberstein, Dov Weinstock, and Rav David Schwartz.
Bayit 929 Tanach Yomi
Dedicated to learning the whole Tanach, all 929 chapters, chapter by chapter! End date is 08/27/2025. Click here for details.
Bayit Mishnah Yomit
A place for Bayit community Mishnah Yomit (2 Mishnayot a Day) learners to share questions, insights, and encouragement. Click here for details.
Bayit Youth Dept.
Be a part of this vibrant youth community group.
B'nei Bayit
A group for young professionals in their 20's or 30's, who live in Riverdale and want to connect with their peers. 
Bayit Selichot
Updates on Late (9:30PM) Selichot. 
Starting in Elul.
Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784