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Tefillot HaBayit
Weekday Shacharit and Mincha/Maariv meet in the Lower Level Beit Midrash unless there is a Brit or special occasion.
Friday night there is one Tefillah in the Main Sanctuary.

Learning Service Tefillah

A service with explanations and open discussions about the prayers and Torah readings in a more intimate setting. Meets October - June at 9:45am. This is a growing, dynamic group, and everyone has something to gain from this Tefillah. Come give it a try.


Shabbat & Holiday Services


In addition to the Main Sanctuary Service at 8:30 am there are several Tefillot that meet every Shabbat or occasionally throughout the year.






Teen Tefillah

9:30am in Room 3-1 (Teen Lounge) - currently meets occasionally. Chulent and kugel Kiddushes, and a great opportunity for teens - male and female - to be involved in Tefillah. For more information contact David Fain at

Congregation Beth Aharon: The Sephardic Congregation of Riverdale


Participatory, friendly service with a blend of many different Sephardic cultures. Shabbat morning at 8:30am in the 2nd Floor Beit Midrash. Tefillot on all Chagim. Learn more here.

Tefillat Shalom Bayit


Shabbat morning at 7:00am in the Lower Level Beit Midrash - an intimate Tefillah with lots of lay participation. Designed for those with commitments later in the morning.

Daily Shacharit

Tues, Wed, Friday - 6:45am, 7:50am
Mon, Thurs - 6:40am 7:50am
Rosh Chodesh - 6:30am, 7:50am
Chol Hamoed - 6:20am, 7:50am
Sundays, Legal Holidays - 8:30am

Tefillat Esther - Women's Tefillah of Riverdale


A Tefillah led by and coordinated by women. 
Many B'not Mitzvah are celebrated in this Tefillah.


Daily: 10 minutes before sunset
Fridays: earlier of 5 minutes after candle lighting or 7:00pm 
Shabbat - 30 minutes before sunset
*times rounded to nearest 5-minute mark, Friday Mincha at 7:10pm when sunset later than 8:24pm


Sun, September 19 2021 13 Tishrei 5782