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Summer Classes


Monday Mornings • Main Lobby
July 1 - 9:30 AM: Judaism in Israeli Society with Rabba Dr. Anat Sharbat (In Hebrew)
July 1 -  10:30 AM: In Depth Halacha Study Group lead by Burt Nusbacher


Tuesday Mornings • Main Lobby
July 16 - 10:00 AM: The Shabbat Kitchen Summer Practicum

The Shabbat Kitchen 
The Shabbat Kitchen Series will take place on Tuesday mornings and repeat on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer. Join us, as we explore the practical side of keeping Shabbat in one's kitchen -- learning core texts and addressing specific questions. Classes will begin next week (contrary to what is listed in the bulletin). 

Tuesday, July 16 (10:00AM) & Wednesday, July 17 (8:35PM)
Rabbi Jeff Fox: Washing Dishes - Water, Sponges, Preparation, and more!

Tuesday, July 23 (10:00AM) & Wednesday, July 24 (8:30PM)
Rabbi Jeff Fox: Opening Packages - Bottles, Plastics, Boxes, and more! 

Tuesday, July 30 (10:00AM) & Wednesday, July 31 (8:25PM)
Rav Ezra: Urn Usage - Coffee, Tea, Oatmeal, and more! 

Tuesday, August 6 (10:00AM) & Wednesday, August 7 (8:15PM)
Rabba Anat: Preparing Salad - Lemons, Guacomole, Tuna/Egg Salad, Dressings, and more! 

Tuesday, August 13 (10:00AM) & Wednesday, August 14 (8:10PM)​​​​​​​
Rav Steven: Warming Food - Plata, Blech, Crockpot, and more! 


Wednesday Evenings • Lower Level Beit Midrash
After Mincha/Maariv: Repeat The Shabbat Kitchen Summer Practicum


Thursday Morning • Room 3-4
July 11 - 10:00 AM: Advanced Beginner's Spanish Class with Rhonda Stock

Thu, July 18 2019 15 Tammuz 5779