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Bayit Goes Zoom. For all Bayit Classes available online, click here.

For all Pesach related updates & classes, including ordering food click here.

Covid-19 information

Please click here to read our communications about Covid-19 and its effect on our community and shul.

Daily Tefillah Zoom space: click here to join virtual tefillah space with others praying at home during our regular tefillah times:  Shacharit - Sunday 8:30am-9:00am; Monday-Friday 6:45am & 7:50am; Mincha/Maariv 7:05pm-7:35pm

Many in our community are especially vulnerable to even the slightest interruption in their income. If you are in a position to offer assistance, please click here to make a donation to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund.

The office staff is working remotely. To facilitate communications please use the following direct phone #'s instead of the main switchboard:

  • Richard Langer: 732-626-5902,

  • Phyllis Newsome: 201-503-4923,

  • Shuli Boxer Rieser: 929-269-2892,

  • Yael Manor-Oshinsky: 201-503-5562,

  • Arona Berow (Bayit Social Worker - limited hours): 201-468-0558,

Passover is coming and we have a full schedule of online classes, videos and source sheets to help you prepare during this time. Check your email and for the latest updates.

Local small businesses are especially hard hit by social distancing measures. While many have closed their doors temporarily, some are offering new or modified products and services. Check out the classified ads at

In Riverdale, we are acutely aware that for many in our community this Pesach brings some unique challenges. We recognize that each household is being affected differently by the current crisis. Some of us remain financially secure, but need help with the logistics of holiday preparation and meals, while some of us are struggling to meet our day to day financial obligations and cannot afford the cost of holiday meals.

Thanks to generous sponsors across the Riverdale community we are able to offer pre-made Seder and Yom Tov meals for everyone in our community on a "pay what you can" basis. Participation by anyone in need, regardless of ability to pay is encouraged. Any support you do give, however modest, enables us offer this service to as many people as possible.  How much each person pays or does not pay will be kept strictly confidential. For reference, each meal costs us about $23 per person, per meal to purchase.





New York City recycles hard plastics, cardboard, metal and glass as well as collecting organic waste for composting. Now you can bring your soft plastic to the Bayit for recycling as well.  Drop off your clean plastic bags & other approved plastic items in the TREX Collection Box in the coatroom. Check out the list of recyclable plastic on our new posters. Help us meet our goal & win a free bench made of recycled plastic products.
For questions or comments contact the Green Team at


The Bayit (home in Hebrew) is more than just a synagogue. Please join us and find your way to connect through Tefillah, Torah Study, Chessed, Youth Activities, Inclusion Programs, Israel Advocacy and more.

 Click to learn about all the ways you can connect at the Bayit.

Parasha Recordings


The Bayit is delighted to announce the launch of The Parasha Project, an online repository of audio recordings of the entire Torah, arranged by Parasha and Aliyah, featuring our exceptional Ba’al Keriah Bernie Horowitz. The site also includes a guide to each trop (cantillation note) and to Hebrew pronunciation. Dedication opportunities available for every Parasha.
Visit to listen and learn more.

abraham & sarah's tent

Sponsored by Joe Guttman in Memory of Henry and Goldie Guttman z"l 
Join our Free Communal Dinner every Friday Night at the Bayit!
See which Shabbatot are available for sponsorship and choose your week at

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Many items earn a 6% commission!

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The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale – The Bayit – is an open Orthodox synagogue serving the entire Jewish community by warmly embracing all Jews, regardless of affiliation, commitment, orientation or background.  It is affectionately known as the "Bayit," which is a home; a place of love and welcome. The HIR is known nationally for bringing spirituality into the synagogue; activism; youth and teen engagement; learning programs; and work on behalf of the elderly, the homebound, and those developmentally and physically challenged.

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