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We continue to receive devastating news coming from Israel. We grieve with Am Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael for the victims of the horrific attacks and the repercussions from it. This page is dedicated to offering ways to support Israel and each other.
Our elected officials need to hear from us how important their support for and standing with Israel in this time of need is. 
Please reach out here to thank them for their words and presence at our gatherings.
Rallies, Gatherings, & Action
Bring Them Home Now!
Approximately 138 hostages, including infants and children, women, and the elderly are still trapped in Gaza. Our hearts ache for their families, but it’s not enough to feel. We must act.
Here are three things you can do right now (UJA): 
1. Call your senators to make sure the hostages remain top of mind
2. Call your congressional representative­ (Phone calls are more effective than email. Need their numbers? Find them here.)
3. Share this
hashtag on social media and tell the world: #BringThemHomeNow 
Make Daily Calls to Our Elected Officials to Support Israel and Bring Hostages Home 
Click here to join a WhatsApp group to support each other making daily calls to our elected officials to record our support for Israel's right to defend herself and call for the immediate return of our hostages.  We will update each other with our progress and invite others to join this critical cause.  Every call matters.  Our elected officials receive many calls advocating for other positions; they need to hear from us. 
Write to Israeli Soldiers 
Come to the Bayit lobby where we have a station for you to write a letter to a soldier.
We will then get these special messages to Israel for you.

Purchase Goods from Israel
Another way to support Israel is by helping its economy.  Please click here to find a variety of means to shop and support.

Jewish National Fund: Donate, Volunteer, Educate
Please click here to see the many options provided by JNF.
Short Term/Daily Volunteer Opportunities in Israel
Congregation Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck, NJ has provided a central point of reference for volunteer opportunities. They have verified each listing to the best of their ability, but since this is a very fluid situation, please alert them to any errors/additions/deletions.
Please click here to learn more.
Support Israel with Donations
  • Raise awareness for hostages still in Gaza. The Bayit has a limited supply of dog tags with the words "הלב שלנו שבוי בעזה" and "Bring Them Home Now!" Cost: $15/tag. Please reach out to or to coordinate payment.
  • Lights in a Box | אורות בקופסא, Ari Fuld Chanukah Campaign aims to help Israeli families and communities from the Sdot Negev region on the Gaza border, many of whom were displaced by the attacks.  They are providing 2,000 families with Chanukah therapy packages that build family and community resilience. Each box costs approximately $50. Please donate here.
  • Magen David Adom 
  • United Hatzalah in Israel
  • UJA Israel Emergency Fund
  • Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center
  • Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Emergency campaign for funds to buy critical supplies for the soldiers.
  • Friends of Israel's Disabled Veterans (FIDV) United We Stand - Israel Emergency Campaign. This is the only organization legally responsible for the wellbeing of Israel’s wounded veterans, as well as innocent victims of terror who are members of Beit Halochem.
  • Leket Stands with Southern Israel They deliver meals for homebound individuals and seniors, provide essential supplies for families, and offer financial assistance. 
  • OneFamily | Overcoming Terror Together They offer emergency grief and trauma counseling to all victims and survivors, soldiers and civilians, including long term PTSD care, as well as cash for immediate needs resulting from the tragedy.
  • Supporting Vulnerable Children in Israel Yatom: The Jewish Foster & Adoption Network has launched a fundraiser to help vulnerable children in their time of need. 
  • Ten Gav | Give a Little | Get a Lot This organization is helping the displaced Israelis who are direct victims of rocket fire. There are at least 200,000 Israelis, young to old, who are suffering tremendously from post-trauma and anxiety.
  • Parshat Derachim a group of musicians with educational/therapeutic background performing concerts and musical workshops for the displaced communities directly impacted on October 7th, combining musical performance with therapeutic trauma work.  For more information about their work, please click here. To donate, please click here, under “Type” please select “Rabbinic Discretionary Fund”, and in “Payment Notes” write “Parshat Derachim”.
  • The Bayit Rabbinic Discretionary Fund Under “Type” please select “Rabbinic Discretionary Fund”, and in “Payment Notes” write “Israel”.
Emotional Support
  • The violent and harrowing attack on Israel has affected all of us. You are welcome to reach out to our Clergy for support: 
    Rav Steven 917-494-3380 | Rabbanit Bracha 443-983-5083
  • How to cope with traumatic events from Please click here.
  • There is a Jewish Board support hotline: 9:00am-5:00pm.  Available for all New Yorkers 1.844.ONE.CALL (1.844.663.2255)
For resources on how to speak with our children, please visit
Clergy Messages
Words of comfort and inspiration from our clergy
Rav Steven's Dispatches from the UJA Mission to Israel 10/30-11/2/2023
Please click here to read.
A Dvar Torah from Rav Avi, given in Carmei Gat, where his grandchildren made aliya. 
Please click here to read.

Rabbanit Bracha - Reflections from Israel, November 2023.
Please click here to read.
Please click here to read reflections from Israel after SAR visit.

For previous recordings and writings please click here

Thu, December 7 2023 24 Kislev 5784