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Below are initiatives that help embrace meaningful connections to the people and the land of Israel. There are opportunities to commemorate the fallen,  elevate morale, and help rebuild.
Sky - Women's Combat Unit
This is the first company in the IDF that is a reserve company of only women fighters.  This company has only been in existence since October and is located in the border triangle of Gaza, Egypt, and Israel. They are in desperate need of a drone for their operations and are seeking donations to help. You can watch a documentary about the unit here (in Hebrew). Please consider donating  here.
Learning On
Learning On/לומדים הלאה is a new organization to help schooling in Israel.  They match educators/teachers with children who cannot attend school due to the war. If you or anyone you know might be interested in volunteering one on one with children impacted, the linked forms, in both Hebrew and English, provide more information. They’re looking for teachers/educators in many different subjects and grades. Learn more and register here.
Shuva Achim
Shuva Achim is located at Moshav Shuva, in the south near Gaza. The soldiers have a place to go when on break out of Gaza for a few hours. They can find warm meals, clean socks/underwear, a place to shower, and to rest. To learn more and donate please click here.
Run for Their Lives.
Many have attended "Run for Their Lives" events in Manhattan. A local group will be in Riverdale every Sunday @ 9:55am. The goal is simple: to raise awareness for the release of individuals taken hostage by Hamas in Gaza. By joining together once a week, we will strengthen our community and foster togetherness and a sense of shared responsibility.  Every week we will meet as a group for a short walk (runners are welcome to start walking with us and then continue on their own run). 
We will walk with the flags of the countries of the kidnapped. Wear red and/or shirts available at Run4lives.org. Please visit Run4lives.org for more details and join our Riverdale group or visit the WhatsApp group here.
Time: Every Sunday, 9:55am (depart at 10:00am sharp)
Place: Seton Park, 232 Independence
Route: to the Riverdale Bell Tower
Let's give 18 minutes of our lives to help save theirs.
United 4 New Trees of Life Tu B'Shvat Program | Remembering Victims
Ma The Bayit is joining a Tu B'Shvat program to plant 12, 000 NEW Fruit Trees near the Gaza border in memory of the 1,200 victims of the October 7th massacre. Farmers and their communities near the Gaza border lost family members and friends, and fled their homes. Many are now serving in the IDF. As a result, some of the farms are on the verge of collapsing. We can help them by planting new fruit trees. These trees will be a symbol of our commitment to Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael and provides practical support and long term financial benefits to the farmers in the area.
Please click here to learn more and plant a tree today!
Becoming a neighbor an ocean away! The MEALuim project invites you to join other families who will become "neighbors" with reservists' families and help sponsor a mid-week meal while "Abba" or "Imma" is away at the front. You might not be able to make the food yourself but you can still be the neighbor who provides a much needed meal. To learn more and help, please visit here.
Hug an I.D.F. Mom and Newborn.
We are distributing beautiful, heartfelt packages filled with  high quality essentials  to the mothers of newborn whose husbands are serving in the IDF.  One mother of 3 and a newborn, with a husband fighting in Gaza, said to us, "This week started with so much darkness; you have now brought light into our home!" The gift packages are reaching all parts of Israel and going to the families of soldiers serving in all kinds of units.  We appreciate any and all assistance with this precious project! To learn more and donate please visit here.
Shachar Fridman Memorial Fund
First Sergeant Shachar Fridman z'l, was a 21yr old paratrooper who bravely fell in battle. A beacon of light  and joy, he gave his life defending the State of Israel and the Jewish people. In honor of Shachar's legacy, his family have set up a memorial fund that will continue his mission of kindness and joy and support causes that were important to him. To learn more and donate please visit here.
First Aid for Wounded Farms
Organic Israel, an Israeli NGO, is offering essential support to wounded southern farms. The production of vegetables and fruits in the Gaza border communities is crucial for food security in Israel. The Hamas attacks devastated farmers and farms in the region. Organic Israel is helping 25 farms in the Gaza border area with the creation of First Aid for Wounded Farms. Read more about this project here. Please consider donating here.
Letters to the Nation
Write to the families of those who have been killed in Israel, both civilians and soldiers. The creators of Letters to the Nation recognize that we grieve together and despite the physical distance that separates us, we can offer support to families by writing letters. Your letters will be printed out and personally delivered to grieving families. Tips for writing here. To join the WhatsApp group to receive the basic bios of those  killed and to choose a family, please click here. To send a letter click here.

Eran's Angels: Helping Soldiers and
Civilians Near the Gaza Strip
Please here to learn more and donate.

Support Our Paratroopers
Since the start of the fighting 28 reserve soldiers have been present on the Lebanese border. They need combat equipment and critical protection. Learn more and please consider donating here
Keeping Morale High
Raise the morale of high-ranking officers who have been on active-duty since Day 1. Your sponsorship can go towards a Shabbat meal, or Shushi/BBQ during the week. Small donations welcome! Please visit here, select 'Rabbinic Discretionary Fund' and add in the notes: 'Keeping Morale High'.
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