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Chesed is one of the core values of our Bayit. We have a long history of responding to situations as they arise, as well as serving the Jewish community and beyond with our various chesed programs throughout the year. 

Please click here to find out ways to support Ukraine.

Please click here to support those devastated by the earthquakes in Turkey and surrounding areas.

Rabbinic Discretionary Fund
The Bayit Rabbinic Team is here to help community members in times of need.  This process is confidential and discreet.
If you are in need of assistance or know someone who is, please feel free to speak to any of our rabbinic staff members.  If you wish to support this invaluable fund please donate here. 

Bikkur Cholim
We support community members when they are not well and could benefit from a friendly visit. If you or someone you know would like visitors or if you would like to volunteer please contact Rabbanit Bracha at

Comfort Meals 
Bayit volunteers provide meals during the week of shiva and for those weathering a crisis or illness. To volunteer join our WhatsApp group (email to sign up) and/or click here donate to our Comfort Fund.

Helping Hands
An umbrella chesed group which offers walks and pushes to and from shul and shul-related activities. It includes: calling our neighbors and friends who would like to connect, offering rides to medical appointments, finding a davening buddy, and having your pushka collected. 
To volunteer email

Caring Callers
A group of Bayit volunteers (part of Helping Hands - see above) established during the Covid pandemic to make calls and check in/connect with neighbors in our community.
To volunteer or for further information please contact the Caring Callers Committee

Chevra Kadisha
At one of the most challenging times in life for family members left behind after a loved one's passing, Chevra Kadisha is there to make sure that Jewish rituals and laws are followed with love and respect. If you would like to volunteer please contact Shifra Landowne, (for women's volunteer group) or Jonny Scheiner (for men's volunteer group).

Clothing Drive
A biannual drive that takes place before Rosh Hashanah and before Passover. Items may be dropped off during the drive only.
Clothing are donated to Furniture AssistNext Drive: TBA. To see our past event please click here

Clothing Swap 
A biannual swap that takes place the night before the clothing drive. Items must be gently worn and clean and can be dropped off during the swap only. Next Drive: TBA. To see our past event please click here

Blood Drive 
A biannual drive that takes place in September (on or close to 9/11) and in February. Next Drive: TBA. To see our past event please click here

Toy Drive 
A drive that takes place during the month of Kislev (leading to Chanukah). Toys are donated to Chai Lifeline and are given to children who are undergoing medical procedures and whose immune systems are compromised.  Next Drive: TBA. To see our past event please click here

Meals for New Parents
Bayit volunteers organize meals to support parents who have welcomed a new baby. To volunteer please join our email list. When you join our email list, you are committing only to receive notifications about opportunities to support new parents with meals, and you can sign up for a meal only when you've available! Contact Shira Billet to join.

Chesed Day
Each year before the High Holidays, we hold a Chesed Day with various activities (such as: blood drive, clothing drive, Torah learning, tzedakah collection, sefarim sale, mezuzah/tefillin checking and more) and a Get Involved Fair. There is no need to wait for Elul to get involved! Please reach out to the contacts listed above or to our Program Associate, Yael Manor-Oshinsky at

We always welcome feedback on how we can improve and look to join new chesed initiatives. Please contact Yael Manor-Oshinsky at with any concerns/suggestions you may have.

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