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Video from Rav Steven's dispatch from Israel | #1
Video from Rav Steven's dispatch from Israel | #2
Audio from Rav Steven's dispatch from Israel | #3
Rav Steven's interview on Israeli radio - Reshet Bet / Kan. You can hear the recording (all in Hebrew) here (click on the broadcast dated 1.11.2023, and advance the clip to 1:07:50)
Rabbanit Bracha - Parshat Noach | Israel in the Ark
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Our Collective Heartbreak | October 24th | Bayit Building Jewish
Disbelief, fear, anger, grief, despair, love, anguish, longing, solidarity, alienation, hope: since October 7 we’ve felt all of these and more. This is our attempt to give voice to some of what’s in our hearts. We hope that it will speak to and for your heart too. May these words help us through these difficult days and into the work of building the just peace of which we dream. This collaboration features work from: 
Trisha Arlin, Mike Cockrill, Sherrill Cropper, R' Rachel Barenblat, Joanne Fink, R' Allie Fischman, R' Bracha Jaffe, R' Dara Lithwick, R' David Evan Markus, R' Sonja Keren Pilz, and R' David Zaslow.
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Rav Avi Activities in Israel
"Thoughts and Observations As Israel Enters Its Second Month of War" by Rav Avi, November 10th.

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Coping in Time of War with Rav Avi, November 8th.
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