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פרשת שמות

Parashat Shemot

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Parashat shemot dedicated by:

  • Jojo & Elliot Haperin in honor of Bernie’s generous, gentle, loving, joyful and unparalleled teaching of Kriyat HaTorah to our daughter in preparation for her Bat Mitzvah. He has opened a connection for her to the Torah that be with her throughout her life.


Thank you to Hillel Smith for permission to use these images from his series, Parsha Posters. Learn more at


Full Parasha 1:1-6:1 / פרשת שמות א:א-ו:א

First Aliyah 1:1-17 / ראשון א:א-יז

Second Aliyah 1:18-2:10 / שני א:יח-ב:י

Third Aliyah 2:11-25 / שלישי ב:יא-כה

Fourth Aliyah 3:1-15 / רביעי ג:א-טו

Fifth Aliyah 3:16-4:17 / חמישי ג:טז-ד:יז

Sixth Aliyah 4:18-31 / ששי ד:יח-לא

Seventh Aliyah 5:1-6:1 / שביעי ה:א-ו:א


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Mon, September 28 2020 10 Tishrei 5781