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פרשת יתרו

Parashat Yitro

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Parashat Yitro dedicated by:

  • Shira Billet & Rav Steven in honor of Bernie Horowitz for bringing us the Torah every week at the Bayit and in honor of our children Ilan, Talya and Yair.

  • MJ & Barry Kanner in memory of Barry's father, Leon Kanner - Yehudah Aryeh ben Yissachar Dov February 5, 1926 - April 27, 2000

Thank you to Hillel Smith for permission to use these images from his series, Parsha Posters. Learn more at


Full Parasha 18:1-20:23 / פרשת יתרו יח:א-כ:כג

First Aliyah 18:1-12 / ראשון יח:א-יב

Second Aliyah 18:13-23 / שני יח:יג-כג

Third Aliyah 18:24-27 / שלישי יח:כד-כז

Fourth Aliyah 19:1-6 / רביעי יט:א-ו

Fifth Aliyah 19:7-19 / חמישי יט:ז-יט

Sixth Aliyah 19:20-20:14 / ששי יט:כ-כ:יד

Seventh Aliyah 20:15-23 / שביעי כ:טו-כג


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Tue, October 19 2021 13 Marcheshvan 5782