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פרשת יתרו

Parashat Yitro

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Parashat Yitro dedicated by:

  • Shira Billet & Rav Steven in honor of Bernie Horowitz for bringing us the Torah every week at the Bayit and in honor of our children Ilan, Talya and Yair.

  • MJ & Barry Kanner in memory of Barry's father, Leon Kanner - Yehudah Aryeh ben Yissachar Dov February 5, 1926 - April 27, 2000

  • Michelle Cass in honor of Bernie Horowitz, whose incredible knowledge and teaching enable so many to read Torah.

Thank you to Hillel Smith for permission to use these images from his series, Parsha Posters. Learn more at www.parshaposters.com


Full Parasha 18:1-20:23 / פרשת יתרו יח:א-כ:כג

First Aliyah 18:1-12 / ראשון יח:א-יב

Second Aliyah 18:13-23 / שני יח:יג-כג

Third Aliyah 18:24-27 / שלישי יח:כד-כז

Fourth Aliyah 19:1-6 / רביעי יט:א-ו

Fifth Aliyah 19:7-19 / חמישי יט:ז-יט

Sixth Aliyah 19:20-20:14 / ששי יט:כ-כ:יד

Seventh Aliyah 20:15-23 / שביעי כ:טו-כג


In a project of this type and magnitude, some errors almost inevitably remain undetected despite checking and rechecking.  If you find an error on this page or in a recording, please send a detailed email to parashaproject@thebayit.org.  Thank you.


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Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784