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 Torah Readings for

Rosh Hashana &

Yom Kippur

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When the first day of Rosh Hashana is on Shabbat,
there are 7 aliyot instead of 5.
Consult your chumash for the additional breaks between aliyot.

Rosh Hashana I: 1st Aliyah

Rosh Hashana I: 2nd Aliyah

Rosh Hashana I: 3rd Aliyah

Rosh Hashana I: 4th Aliyah

Rosh Hashana I: 5th Aliyah

Rosh Hashana I: Maftir



Rosh Hashana II: 1st Aliyah

Rosh Hashana II: 2nd Aliyah

Rosh Hashana II: 3rd Aliyah

Rosh Hashana II: 4th Aliyah

Rosh Hashana II: 5th Aliyah

Rosh Hashana II: Maftir

Yom Kippur: 1st Aliyah

Yom Kippur: 2nd Aliyah

Yom Kippur: 3rd Aliyah

Yom Kippur: 4th Aliyah

Yom Kippur: 5th Aliyah

Yom Kippur: 6th Aliyah

Yom Kippur: Maftir

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Sat, July 31 2021 22 Av 5781