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Tomchei HaBayit

What is the Tomchei HaBayit program?   The Tomchei HaBayit program is an approach that changes our financial relationship with supporters from a fee per program every month or two, to a holistic approach that allows each member to make an ongoing commitment to the Bayit for the year instead of paying separately for each program and event.
How much does it cost to join Tomchei HaBayit ?  We ask each adult member to commit to just over $200 per month (just over $400 per couple) for a total of $2500 per adult for the year.  To make your pledge fill out the form by clicking here.
OK – so which Bayit fees, events and programs are covered?   Those who make the Tomchei HaBayit commitment will not be asked to pay for Membership Dues, High Holiday Seats for immediate family members, Journal Dinner Reservations, Purim Greetings and the Book of Remembrance.
What is not covered by my Tomchei HaBayit commitment? Program fees for meals or trips and High Holiday seats for your guests. Room rental fees for private events are also not covered.
When is the Tomchei HaBayit commitment due?  It’s flexible.  We can arrange for monthly, quarterly or annual payments – or any other plan that works for you.
Can I just commit to membership dues and see how the year goes? Of course. Your account will be charged for annual dues in early December and you will have the opportunity to participate in each fundraiser at the appropriate point during the year.
What other giving opportunities exist at the Bayit?  The bulk of our fundraising is focused on covering our annual operating expenses and debt service (which the Tomchei HaBayit commitment is meant to address).  Our long-term funding needs include reducing our outstanding mortgage and building our endowment fund. Your additional support ensures the long-term stability of our Bayit. Throughout the year there are sponsorship opportunities for special programs or to mark a family occasion; birthday, anniversary, yahrtzeit, marriage etc.  Kiddush, Seudah Shlishit, Youth Programs, Abraham & Sarah’s Tent, Selichot Concert, Scholars-in-Residence, and the Free Passover Seder all benefit from additional support.
Were you one of the members who participated in 2022 and 2023? We hope you will both renew and encourage fellow members to participate. 


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