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Purim 5778 @ The Bayit

Taanit Esther and Purim - Laws and Customs

Purim Laws and Customs. Click here 

Esther Aloud: Expanding Our Communal Voice. Click here


To fulfill the mitzvah of Matanot L'evyonim you can donate online by clicking here.

Volunteer opportunities are available. To help decorate, sell or serve food on Purim Night or volunteer at the Purim Carnival click here.

Feburary 27th: Handing Out Purim Goodies

Spread Purim cheer with the HIR rabbinic staff! They will be in costume on Johnson Ave. handing out mishloach manot to Riverdale residents. Interested in volunteering with your children? Let us know.

Wednesday February 28th - Ta’anit Esther (Fast of Esther)  & Purim Night


                     Fast Starts - 5:20am            Shacharit - 6:25am and 7:50am
Mincha - 5:20pm                     Maariv - 6:20pm                     Fast Ends - 6:25
 Beth Aharon - 2nd Floor Bet Midrash - Mincha - 5:15pm followed by Arvit, Megillah and Purim Party

 Maariv & Megillah Readings in the Bayit:     

Main Sanctuary - 6:20pm

Come in costume! Bonus for matching our Olympic Purim theme!  During the reading, we’ll project the text of the megillah onto a screen enabling the hearing impaired to follow along with the megillah reading and participate in  the Purim celebration. Come see our special Purim Puppets as they perform during the reading!

Minyan Shachar - LL Beit Midrash - 6:10pm

Join Minyan Shachar for a lively Megillah reading: every character will be read by a different reader - men and women readers. Reading followed by light refreshments.

Megillah reading at the Atria - 6:45pm   

Additional Megillah Reading - LL Beit Midrash - 9:30pm


THURSDAy, March 1st  - Purim Day                                                                   

  • Shacharit Followed by Megillah Reading - Main Sanctuary - 6:00am & 7:50am
  • Beth Aharon Shacharit Followed by Megillah Reading - LL Beit Midrash - 6:00am
  • Megillah reading at the ATRIA - 10:30am

                   Come spread Purim cheer to the residents before and after the reading.

  • Additional Megillah Reading - LL Beit Midrash - 11:00am
  • Teen Purim Carnival - 11:30am
  • Youth Purim Carnival - 12:30pm - Register online at
  • Early Mincha - 2nd Floor Beit Midrash - 2:30pm                                                                                             
  • Mincha/Maariv - LL Beit Midrash - 5:35pm


Purim Chesed Opportunities:

Shake It Up For Purim:

In the spirit of Purim, please bring a small (but noisy!) box of pasta or rice (boxes only, no bags) to use as a grogger, and after megillah reading they will be donated to the Food Pantry of the Bronx Jewish Community Council.  Please drop off items in the boxes located in the coat room until March 2nd. To make donations contact Niti Minkove at 917-693-3084 or

Megillah Reading for the Homebound:

Do you know someone who may need the Megillah read for them at home?  Can you offer to read the Megillah for someone in need?  Please let Rabba Anat know (

Mon, December 17 2018 9 Tevet 5779