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For the complete Passover schedule from Thursday, April 14th - Shabbat, April 23rd please click here

Sale of Chametz

Sell your Chametz online: 

If easier, print a paper form and mail it / drop off or scan & email to Click here to download or fax it to 718.884.3206. Form should be mailed no later than April 7th to ensure that we receive it before Pesach.

Maot Chittim

Many of our fellow Jews need some extra food assistance for Passover. Visit to donate online via credit card or e-check. Checks can be mailed to the office, but with staff working remotely, electronic payments are helpful.


Passover Seder

We are immensely grateful that after a two-year hiatus due to Covid we are able to bring back our Annual Passover Seder on Friday night, April 15th. Click here to learn more and register.

Bayit Pesach Rabbinic Q's  

A WhatsApp group will open up for Pesach 2023, nearer the time.

A Seder Supplement By Rav Avi

Click here for Rav Avi's Seder Supplement. 

Pesach Classes 

For recordings of the pre-Pesach classes click here

Pesach Questions

Pesach FAQ 

Click here for frequently asked questions.
We will update this document periodically.

Click here for a quick-and-easy Kosher for Pesach meal prep guide with minimal additional ingredients.

Halakhic Resources

Click here for Pesach guides for:

  • @Home Ritual Guide
  • Cleaning & Kashering
  • Bedika, Biur and Bitul Chametz
  • Kitniyot Customs
  • Products that do not need a special Kosher for Passover certification 

and more!

Book of Remembrance

We are in the process of putting together our annual Book of Remembrance for 2022-23. Register online @

Tue, November 29 2022 5 Kislev 5783