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New Baby Celebration Room Rental

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Host Information

Parent #1
Parent #2 (if applicable)


Event Information

Please confirm space availability with the office prior to submitting your reservation.
If you need assistance finding a Mohel, please reach out to a member of the Rabbinic Team.

House Rules

  • All vendors must be properly insured and provide certificate of insurance for both Liability and Workmen's Compensation to the HIR prior to your event.

  • The caterer must be under Orthodox rabbinic supervision approved by the Rabbinic Staff of HIR/The Bayit.

  • All religious events, ceremonies and services must be approved by the Rabbinic Staff of HIR/The Bayit.

  • You must provide supervision for any children at your event.

  • Do not attach or hang anything in any manner to the walls, windows, window treatments, doors, ceiling, vents or light fixtures.

  • Do not bring food or helium balloons into the main sanctuary.

  • No candles, sparklers or “silly string” may be used.

  • By submitting this contract, you agree to be responsible for any damage caused by you, your guests or those you hire or bring into HIR/The Bayit for your event.  

  • Caterers and other vendors are expected to clean up kitchen/party area in one hour and turn the room over to our maintenance staff for vacuuming/mopping as needed.

  • Your room rental includes the use of HIR’s tables and chairs and access for your caterer to our kitchen. HIR does not provide any linens, kitchen equipment or tableware.

HIR/The Bayit’s liability is limited to rental fees actually paid to HIR/The Bayit. 

If you have already selected a caterer please provide the name and contact information.  For a list of caterers already approved to work at the Bayit please visit www.thebayit.org/cater.

All caterers must submit proof of liability and workmen's compensation insurance as well as their teudah (kosher certificate) before being approved to work at the Bayit.

The Bayit reserves the right to refuse entry to caterers who do not have proper insurance or whose hashgacha (kosher certification) does not meet the standards of the Rabbinic team. Additionally, caterers who have a history of violating house rules may not be allowed to provide service at the synagogue.

If your caterer is not on our approved list, we strongly recommend that you do not sign any contracts until he or she is approved.

The Bayit is not responsible for any losses incurred by a renter who signs a contract or provides a deposit to a caterer prior to confirming their ability to work at the synagogue.
Please note the following:
  • All fees are due before the event.  

  • Your form will not submit until after you checkout on the next screen.

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