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Catering @ The Bayit


HIR welcomes caterers with an Orthodox Kosher Certification (teudah) and current proof of insurance to provide food services at events in our building subject to several limitations.  All caterers must comply with posted rules about the use of HIR facilities. HIR reserves the right to deny caterers access to our building if the Rabbinic or Administrative staff determine that allowing access is not in the best of interests of HIR.   

A list of caterers who have already submitted their certificates is below. 

Caterers - to add your company to the list please send a copy of your Teudah and Certificate of Insurance made out to Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 3700 Henry Hudson Parkway, Bronx, NY 10463 to or fax to 718-884-3206

Hosts - if the caterer you would like to use is not on this list, please ask them to send their certificates to us as soon as possible. Please do not leave this to the last minute. We will deny access to any caterer for whom we do not have current documentation.

Pre-packaged food:  Store bought items with an acceptable kosher symbol may be brought to the HIR in their original, unopened packaging. For a list of symbols approved by our rabbinic staff click here.

Prepared food: If you are hosting a small event and are bringing platters of prepared food from a local restaurant or caterer the platters must be delivered with the kosher sealing tape intact.  Local restaurants with a Riverdale Vaad kosher certification are all acceptable vendors.  Please contact the office at 718-796-4730 if you are unsure about the vendor you are considering.

The following caterers have submitted the necessary documents:

Caterer  Website Telephone email
8th Day Caterers 201-214-0803
Corner Cafe 718-601-2861
Foremost Ram Caterers 201-664-2465

Silverleaf Caterers 914-490-6684
Y & Y Caterers   646-207-1051
Wed, September 27 2023 12 Tishrei 5784