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Click on each holiday to see the most recent holiday guide, Torah, and programmatic offerings. While each holiday's page will be updated in the appropriate season, they are all available here for your perusal. Find recordings, Divrei Torah, and more. 

Fast of Tammuz, The Three Weeks & Tisha B'av

The 3 weeks begin on Sunday, July 17th 2022 with the Fast of Tammuz and conclude with Tisha B'av on Sunday, August 7th.
Click here for Laws & Customs, Schedule and information about our special classes and programs!

ימים נוראים • High Holidays

ראש השנה • Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana begins on Sunday Night, September 25th, 2022
Click here for last years High Holiday Resources.

2022 info coming soon!

יום כפור •  Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur begins on Tuesday Night, October 4th, 2022
Click here for last years High Holiday Resources.

2022 info coming soon!

שלש רגלים • Shalosh Regalim

פסח  • Pesach

Passover begins on
Wednesday, April 5th 2023
Click here for Passover Resources from 2022. Page will be updated prior to next Pesach.

שבועות • Shavuot

Shavuot begins on
Thursday Night, May 25th 2023
Click here for Shavuot Resources from 2022. Page will be updated prior to next Shavuot.

סוכות • Sukkot

Sukkot begins on
Sunday Night, October 9th, 2022
Click here for Sukkot Resources from 2021. Page will be updated prior to Sukkot.

Rabbinic & Modern Holidays

חנוכה •  Chanukah

Chanukah begins on Sunday night, December 18th. Click here for Chanukah resources from 2021. Information for 2022 will be posted closer to the date.
פורים • Purim
(תענית אסתר • Ta'anit Esther)
Purim begins on Monday night, March 6th, 2023 and is preceded by Taanit Esther which begins on Monday morning. Click here for Purim resources from 2022.  Information for 2023 will be posted closer to the date.


The following pages are under construction. Check back soon for more information

Minor Holidays

יום השואה • Yom Hashoah

יום הזכרון • Yom Hazikaron

יום העצמאות • Yom Ha'atzmaut

יום ירושלים • Yom Yerushalayim

Fast of Gedalia

Fast of Tevet

Thu, August 18 2022 21 Av 5782