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Shavuot 2019


We are pleased to announce that Rabba Dr. Anat Sharbat & Ariel Freidenberg will be our lead teachers over Shavuot.

Shabbat, June 8th 
7:55 PM - Mincha
Between Mincha and Maariv - Dr. Deovrah Steinmetz - Obligation and Aspiration: Perspectives from the Book of Ruth 

Motzaei Shabbat, June 8th – Leil Shavuot
9:08 PM - Candle Lighting
9:10 PM - Maariv
11:00 PM - Beth Aharon Tikkun Leil Shavuot
11:15 PM - Dr. Elli Kranzler - Sinai: Voluntary or Involuntary Commitment
12:15 AM - Ariel Freidenberg - When Was the Torah Given? A Journey in the Paths of Am Yisrael and Our Sages to Uncover the Mystery 
1:25 AM - Liz Shayne - Can the Golem Be Jewish: Automata, Artificial Intelligence and the Jewish Identity of the Future
2:30 AM - Niggunim & Piyutim for Shavuot with Rabbi David Silber and Dr. Devora Steinmetz
3:00 AM - Dr. Elliott Rabin - Eitz Chayim Hi: Torah, Trees and Metaphors 
4:05 AM - Rabbi Ezra Seligsohn - Strange Worship & Missed Opportunities: A Shavuot Aggadata

Sunday, June 9th - Shavuot Day 1
4:55 AM, 8:30 AM - Shacharit
Kriat Hatorah - Ariel Freidenberg - A short D'var Torah - Kibbud Av Va-Em - Are There Indeed No Limits in this Unique Mitzvah?
After Mussaf - Rabba Dr. Anat Sharbat - Holiness and Sexuality: How Torah Scholars Fulfill Oneg Shabbat
7:40 PM - Mincha
Between Mincha and Maariv - Reflections on Torah, Family, Open Orthodoxy, and a Decade in America? Armchair Conversation with Rabba Dr. Anat Sharbat, Ariel Freidenberg, and Rabbi Steven Exler
8:40 PM - Maariv
9:08 PM - Candle Lighting After This Time

Monday, June 10th - Shavuot Day 2
7:00 AM - Shalom Bayit
8:30 AM - Shacharit
9:30 AM - Megillat Ruth (Male & Female Readers)
Drasha with Rabbi Steven Exler
10:30 AM (approx.) - Yizkor
After Musaf - Charlotte Filer reading in honor of her Bat Mitzvah
7:45 PM - Mincha
Between Mincha and Maariv - Ariel Freidenberg - Insulting, Embarrassing or Shaming in Social Media; Halakhic Analysis and Case Study 
9:12 PM - Maariv and Havdalah

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Tue, October 19 2021 13 Marcheshvan 5782