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Tefillah Signup Shabbat August 1- Parashat Va'etchanan - Shabbat Nachamu

1) At this time and to the best of my knowledge I have not been exposed to someone with a positive lab test for Covid-19 in the past 14 days.

2) I do not currently have a fever over 100 degrees or unexplained symptoms such as loss of taste or smell, difficulty breathing, coughing, headaches or gastrointestinal difficulties.

3) If I develop symptoms or find out I have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 I will let the Bayit office know as soon as possible and will not attend tefillah at the Bayit.
I understand that attending any prayer service, class or other program at the Bayit is my choice. I therefore release Hebrew Institute of University Heights, dba Hebrew Institute of Riverdale from any and all liability for any unintentional exposure to viral or bacterial infection.
By filling out this form you agree to provide your cell phone number and join the WhatsApp group "Bayit Shabbat Tefillah".  

You can now reserve 1x for household members who will be sitting with you!

In order to increase capacity at each tefillah and maintain social distancing, we encourage members of the same household to sit together.  We will maintain our limit of 24 groups of seats on the terrace and 30 in the Sanctuary, but each group can seat up to 3 people and still maintain their distance from other groups.

Please add the names of anyone who will be sitting with you below. Everyone, including children, must be on the list that we give to the the guard for entry.

Thank you for your cooperation
Please ensure that you are able to attend each tefillah that you reserve.   We especially ask that men arrive on time so that we can be sure to start and finish in a timely fashion to make way for the next group.
Please ensure that you are able to attend each tefillah that you reserve.  

Thank you in advance for your patience and for cooperating with us as we navigate these difficult times together.
Sat, January 23 2021 10 Shevat 5781