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Please tell us who will be leading each service. 

You are welcome to assign Kibbudim (honors) to friends and family so they can share in your simcha.  Please provide both the English and Hebrew names and relationship to the Chattan and Kallah whenever possible.

Honors for Men  Include:  Aliyot (being called to the Torah), Hagbah (lifting the Torah), Gelilah (wrapping the Torah) and Peticha (opening the Ark).

Women may be honored with carrying the Torah through the women's section.

On some Shabbatot and Holidays a 2nd (and less frequently a 3rd) Sefer Torah will be read from, allowing a 2nd (or 3rd) set of honors to be distributed for Hagbah, Gelilah and carrying the Torah. Please consult the Gabbai or member of the Rabbinic Staff if you are not sure about the Torah portions for the day of your simcha.

Please provide a list of people whom you would like honored in order of priority.  Be sure to include name, Hebrew name, tribe (Cohen, Levi, Yisrael) and relationship to Chattan and Kallah.

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