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Nametag Shabbat Kiddush

Saturday, January 6, 2024 25 Tevet 5784

11:30 AM - 12:30 PMSocial Hall

Looking forward to seeing you in the Bayit on Shabbat Parashat Shemot, January 6th, 2024! Parashat Shemot lists the names of 70 Jewish souls who came down to Egypt. Since then we have grown and flourished into a Jewish people numbering in the millions. 

We invite you to come to shul, put on your nametag, and draw the name of a southern town or kibbutz from Otef Azah (area right near Gaza). Join us for Tefillah and look for a table with the name of your town at kiddush.

This year’s theme is Am Yisrael Chai. Our Nametag Shabbat tradition is to offer special treats at kiddush as well as fun icebreakers and activities to get the conversation going. By sharing our experiences in Eretz Yisrael, and learning about the flourishing Yeshuvim of Otef Azah, we strengthen our connection to our nation, its vitality, and life - Am Yisrael Chai!


This year we are highlighting many of the cities, towns, and kibbutzim that were attacked by Hamas on October 7th, which was Shabbat-Simchat Torah in Israel.

Each of these yishuvim (Re’im, Kerem Shalom, Zikim, Sderot, Kfar Azah, Be’eri, Nachal Oz, Cholit, and Nirim) are a vital part of the development of the Negev. Their vast agriculture work connects us to our land of Israel and strengthens Am Yisrael. It is our fervent hope that they will flourish and expand in peace and safety.

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Thu, December 7 2023 24 Kislev 5784