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Poland-Ukraine Mission Dispatch #2: Journeying to the Border and the Many Divine Messengers on the Way

03/14/2022 11:39:16 PM


Dear Bayit Family,

Today was a hard day.  We knew it would be, and it was.  We bore witness to great displacement, suffering and uncertainty, and wRead more...

Poland-Ukraine Mission Dispatch #1: A World Upside Down, and The Strength of the Jewish People

03/13/2022 09:36:48 PM


Dear Bayit Family,After a long and full day in Poland on our UJA Federation of NY rabbinic mission, I am grateful to be able to reflect and processRead more...

Reflections on Preparing to Travel to the Ukrainian Border 

03/11/2022 12:26:32 AM


Dear Bayit Family,I’m writing what I hope will be the first of a few notes over the coming days, sharing what’s in my heart.With gratitude toRead more...
Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784