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7:30am - Daf Yomi w/ Dov Weinstock (


8:15am - Daf Yomi w/ Dov Weinstock (
10:30am - Intermediate Talmud: Avodah Zarah w/ Rav Ezra (
11:30am - Halacha Chaburah: Laws and Customs of Pesach w/ Burt Nusbacher (
5:30-7:00pm - Community Beit Midrash (2nd Floor Beit Midrash) *On hiatus*
7:00pm - Breath-Body-Mind Class w/ Shira Gordon (  
8:30pm - The Hidden Order of Intimacy: Reflections on the Book of Leviticus. Dr. Aviva Zornberg on Parshat Hashavua - w/ Rav Steven (
8:30pm - Open Space/Processing - W/ Dr. Barbara Gochberg or Dr. Michelle Jasper-Brody (


7:15am - Shir Chadash Shel Yom w/ Rabbi Dr. Wendy Zierler (Lower Level Beit Midrash & 
8:15am - Daf Yomi w/ Dov Weinstock (
10:00am - Living Lessons From the Torah w/ Rav Avi (
11:15am - The Book of Daniel w/ Rav Ezra (
Evening - Foundations of Judaism (Click Here to Learn More & Apply)


8:15am - Daf Yomi w/ Rabbi David Schwartz (​​​​​
10:30am - Learning Service w/ Livya Tinestit-Weiss (
11:15am - Who Doesn't Love a Story? *in English* w/ Rabbanit Bracha (
5:00pm - Breath-Body-Mind Class w/ Carole Oshinsky (​​​​​


8:15am - Daf Yomi w/ Rabbi David Schwartz (
9:00am - Midrashei HaBayit: Creating Our Own Midrashim via a Close Reading of the Torah *in Hebrew* w/ Rabbanit Bracha (
10:00am - Book of Isaiah w/ Rav Steven (
11:30am - Spiritual Awakenings: Kabbalistic & Ethical Teachings w/ Myra Estelle ( *On hiatus*


8:15am - Daf Yomi w/ Rabbi David Schwartz (** 
1:00pm - Qi Gong w/ Shirie Eshel ( ​​​​​

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** On Motzaei Shabbat, Daf Yomi typically meets 45 after the end of Shabbat with Dov Weinstock.

Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyyar 5782