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To confirm that the class you are interested in attending is meeting today please check the calendar.

For descriptions of the classes please click here. 


7:45am - Daf Yomi w/ Eliezer Oberstein (zoom.us/j/6136133702


7:30am - Daf Yomi w/ Dov Weinstock (zoom.us/j/6136133702) 

10:30am - Halacha Chaburah w/ Burt Nusbacher (zoom.us/j/470341910
10:30am - Learning Service w/ Livya Tinestit-Weiss (zoom.us/j/6136133702

8:30pm - Weekly Parashah with Modern Commentators - w/ Rav Steven (zoom.us/j/6136133703) - on Tuesday for May 7, May 14, May 21
Evening - Foundations of Judaism (Click Here to Learn More & Apply) 


7:15am - Shir Chadash Shel Yom w/ Rabbi Dr. Wendy Zierler (Lower Level Beit Midrash & zoom.us/j/6136133700
7:45am - Daf Yomi w/ Dov Weinstock (zoom.us/j/6136133702
10:00am - Torat Ahavah w/ Rav Avi (zoom.us/j/470341910
8:00pm - The Rabbi's Book Club w/Rav Steven (in-person). Once a month, next class is January 2nd. Click here.


7:45am - Daf Yomi w/ Rabbi David Schwartz (in-person and zoom.us/j/6136133702)
11:00am - Haman the Wicked | Antisemitism is an Old Trope *in English* w/ Rabbanit Bracha (in-person and zoom.us/j/470341910)  
7:30pm - Open Space/Processing - W/ Dr. Barbara Gochberg or Dr. Seth Aronson (zoom.us/j/6136133702) *next class is in June


7:45am - Daf Yomi w/ Rabbi David Schwartz (in-person and zoom.us/j/6136133702
9:00am - HaStatus HaYehudi | Sivan Rahav Meir *in Hebrew* w/ Rabbanit Bracha (in-person and zoom.us/j/470341910)
11:00am - The Bernice & Arthur Schwartz z"l Memorial Thursday Tanach Class w/ Rav Steven (in-person and zoom.us/j/470341910)
5:30pm - Breath-Body-Mind Class w/ Carole Oshinsky or Ruth Litsky (zoom.us/j/6136133702)


7:45am - Daf Yomi w/ Rabbi David Schwartz (in-person and zoom.us/j/6136133702)​​​​​


All Zoom sessions require a password to enter the meeting. The password was distributed by email. New users - please email office@thebayit.org to request the password.
All Zoom classes can be accessed by phone without a password: Dial-in: +1 646 558 8656 followed by the Meeting ID (Numbers in Each Link Above)

** On Shabbat / Motzaei Shabbat: Daf Yomi typically meets either one hour before Mincha or 45 minutes after Havdalah w/ Eliezer Oberstein. 

Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyyar 5784