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Dedicated in Memory of Henry and Goldie Guttman z"l

Abraham & Sarah's Tent, Sponsored by Joe Guttman


Every Friday night, the Bayit hosts a communal Shabbat Dinner, open to all at no charge.  Sponsoring a Shabbat of the "tent" is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, family simcha or commemorate the yahrtzeit of a loved one. 
Your support is greatly appreciated.  Please see below for the available dates and sign up online to sponsor the available Shabbat of your choice. 
We look forward to seeing you at the Tent.  For more information, please email James Lapin at
Your $400 sponsorship covers the cost of food for our average attendance plus a few extra guests for busier weeks. If you will be bringing more than 5 guests to join us at the tent, please add $12.00 pp to your contribution
07/24/2015 Devarim
Name James Lapin
08/07/2015 Eikev
Name Steven & Chani Laufer
08/14/2015 Re'eh
Name Pam & Jeff Gurock
08/21/2015 Shoftim Open Register Now
08/28/2015 Ki Teitzei
Name Joe Guttman
09/04/2015 Ki Tavo Open Register Now
09/11/2015 Nitzavim
Name Anonymous
09/18/2015 Vayeilech Open Register Now
10/09/2015 Bereshit
Name James Lapin
10/16/2015 Noach
Name Josef Guttman
10/23/2015 Lech Lecha Open Register Now
10/30/2015 Vayera
Name Beth Aharon
11/06/2015 Chayei Sara
11/13/2015 Toldot Open Register Now
11/20/2015 Vayetzei
Name Steven & Chani Laufer
11/27/2015 Vayishlach Open Register Now
12/04/2015 Vayeshev
12/11/2015 Miketz
Name Naava Frank
12/18/2015 Vayigash Open Register Now
12/25/2015 Vayechi
Name Steven & Chani Laufer
01/01/2016 Shemot
Name Jillian and Elliot
01/08/2016 Vaera Open Register Now
01/15/2016 Bo Open Register Now
01/22/2016 Beshalach Open Register Now
01/29/2016 Yitro
Name Michelle Jasper Broday
02/05/2016 Mishpatim Open Register Now
02/12/2016 Terumah Open Register Now
02/19/2016 Tetzaveh
Name Carolyn & Howard Graybow
02/26/2016 Ki Tisa
Name Nat and Ayesha Schuster
03/04/2016 Vayakhel Open Register Now
03/11/2016 Pekudei Open Register Now
03/18/2016 Vayikra Open Register Now
03/25/2016 Tzav Open Register Now
04/01/2016 Shmini Open Register Now
04/08/2016 Tazria Open Register Now
04/15/2016 Metzora
Name David Levine
05/06/2016 Achrei Mot Open Register Now
05/13/2016 Kedoshim Open Register Now
05/20/2016 Emor Open Register Now
05/27/2016 Behar
Name Steven & Chani Laufer
06/03/2016 Bechukotai Open Register Now
06/10/2016 Bamidbar Open Register Now
06/17/2016 Nasso
Name Steven & Chani Laufer
06/24/2016 Beha'alotcha
Name Barbara Gochberg
07/01/2016 Sh'lach
Name Debbie Braverman & Hillel Grossman
07/08/2016 Korach Open Register Now
07/15/2016 Chukat Open Register Now
07/22/2016 Balak Open Register Now
07/29/2016 Pinchas Open Register Now
08/05/2016 Matot-Masei Open Register Now


Thu, 30 June 2016 24 Sivan 5776