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Bayit Goes Zoom

To dial in to any Zoom class, call 646-558-8656 and then
input the meeting ID, which is the 9, 10 or 11 digit number
at the end of any of the links below for that class.


ZOOM PASSWORD REMINDER: All Zoom sessions now require a password to enter the meeting. The password was distributed by email earlier this week. New users - please email to request the password. Note: No password required for dial-in access via your phone.

Weekday Classes


10:30AM - Intermediate Talmud: Avodah Zara - Rav Ezra
11:30AM - Halacha Chaburah: Hilchot Aveilut - Burt Nusbacher


10:00AM - Living Lessons on the Torah - Rav Avi
11:15AM - The Book of Daniel - Rav Ezra 
8:00PM ( - Intermediate Talmud: Sanhedrin - Rabbinic Fellow, Rav Eli Finkelstein
8:30PM ( - Rav Medan on Sefer Bemidbar - Rav Steven (On hiatus until the end of May)


9:15AM - Sefer Yehoshua: Entering the Land *in Hebrew* - Rabbanit Bracha
10:30AM ( - Learning Service - Livya Tinestit-Weiss 
11:30AM - The Great Partnership - Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning *in English* - Rabbanit Bracha

10:00AM - Book of Isaiah - Rav Yonah Berman (until the end of May)
8:00PM ( - Niggun Circle - Rabbanit Bracha 


BReath, body, mind - Daily breathing with Shira Gordon

Mon-Thu: 1pm-1:45pm 


Daf Yomi

Zoom Only

Wed-Fri: 8:15am with Rabbi David Schwartz
Mon & Tue: 8:15am with Dov Weinstock
Sat: 45 minutes after Motzaei Shabbat with Eli Oberstein
Sun: 7:30am with Eli Oberstein 


Foundations of Judaism

Learn the Fundamentals of a Jewish Life with Rabbanit Bracha
Tue: 7:45pm
To join this class please email Rabbanit Bracha at 


Support Space - 8:30PM

We will have online Zoom support space for those wishing to connect and process this experience together. Facilitated by local mental health professionals. 

  • Mon, 4/12: Facilitated by Dr. Barbara Gochberg

Tefillah B'Tzibbur:


Mon & Thu | 6:40AM & 7:50AM
Tue, Wed, Fri | 6:45AM & 7:50AM


Sun-Thu | 7:10PM 

At the end of each tefillah slot, a clergy member will offer a teaching to honor the memories of those for whom community members have been saying Kaddish at this time.

Tue, April 13 2021 1 Iyyar 5781