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Covid-19 Vaccine Information

Who Get Vaccinated? Where? How to Register?

We are grateful to have arrived at the early phases of Covid-19 vaccine administration, and we are continuing to share updated information as we become aware of it.

Effective January 12th, New York State has now opened vaccination to all individuals age 65 and older. 

Please see the most updated information for New York here.

We know that the process of getting an appointment can be time-consuming and at times frustrating.  We encourage each of you to continue checking the appointment websites for openings. 

Eligible populations now include:

- Individuals 65 and older

- Health care workers and staff

- P-12 School teachers and staff

- In-person college instructors

- Public transit and grocery store public-facing workers, and more

For more information about eligibility, please click here.  Please be sure to complete the vaccine form here.

A listing of sites and links to make appointments is here.  We recommend checking regularly as new sites are being added.

Additional notes:

-The two closest sites to central Riverdale for administering the vaccine are currently:

1) Rite-Aid at 21B Knolls Crescent (direct sign-up link to Rite-Aid locations here)

2) The Montefiore clinic at 5525 Broadway near 230th St. (link to be contacted for an appointment here)

Mt. Sinai Medicine has created a portal to get a vaccine appointment at their sites, which some people have found very easy to navigate.  You can access it here.

This portal from NYC Health has also been helpful site to finding available appointments.

Volunteer Opportunities: We hope to assemble a volunteer pool to reach out to eligible community members, to help members navigate the sign-up system and to offer rides to vaccine appointments for those who would need it. If you would like to volunteer for any of these tasks, please email


Elevating the Moment When Receiving the Vaccine

We have been waiting months for this moment when we receive the vaccine - is there a special blessing we can say to mark and elevate the moment? We suggest saying the Shehechiyanu (שהחיינו )blessing based on this responsum by Rabbi Linzer, Rosh Yeshiva and president of YCT.

Click here to for the blessing. 

Here is a link to a kavanah - an intention which guides our thoughts towards thanking God in this awe-inspiring moment as we move from darkness to light. The kavanah was written by Rabbanit Bracha and Rabbi Eli Yoggev. Click here for the complete text.

Sun, May 9 2021 27 Iyyar 5781