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What would it mean if every Bayit supporter increased their gift by $100 for the year?

Every gift to the Bayit matters and here's why!


The Bayit has 485 members and 61 Associate Members - and received gifts from over 1,350 different people or families in the past 12 months.
13% of our operating budget came from households donating less than $1,000 for the year.
Gifts from donors of $250 or less for the year raised almost $55,000
If our 1,350 donors each increased their annual giving by just $100 we would raise an additional $135,000.

What would an additional $135,000 or even $75,000 do for our Bayit?: Here are some projects on our wish list:

  • Complete funding for a new playground. (75% funded!  Thank you)

  • Make additional investments in sustainable operations; from advanced controls for air conditioning and lighting to greener waste management and cleaning protocols there are ways to both lower our carbon footprint and save money.

  • Invest in technology to improve our video recording and livestreaming to share more programs with people outside our Bayit. 

  • Expand our commitment to Inclusive programming for children and adults with special needs.


Mon, May 25 2020 2 Sivan 5780