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Green bayit

10/17/2018 09:15:37 AM


The Bayit Environmental Mission Statement

Our Bayit recognizes the importance of safeguarding our environment. We are guided by Torah teachings and the desire to do our part to counteract climate change and pollution while conserving resources. These values are reflected in how the Bayit operates internally for members and within the wider community. 

This mission statement has been adopted by the board...

08/26/2019 02:42:49 PM


Small Steps to Effect Big Change:

Simple Ways to Keep Your Family Safe from Exposure to Common Environmental Toxins


plastic film recycling at the bayit

05/15/2019 03:28:46 PM


New York City recycles hard plastics, cardboard, metal and glass as well as collecting organic waste for composting. Now you can bring your soft plastic to the Bayit for recycling as well.  Drop off your clean plastic bags & other approved plastic items in the TREX Collection Box in the coatroom. Check out the list of recyclable plastic on our new posters. Help us meet our goal & win a free bench made of recycled...Read more...

"sicker, fatter, poorer" the cost of hormone-disrupting chemicals

01/17/2019 11:04:39 AM


CBS News

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