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Class Schedule:  ShabbatMondayTuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday


Joe Hoch z'l Memorial Daf Yomi Shiur

Sunday-Friday: 7:30am Shabbat: After Mincha (approx. 50 minutes before Shabbat ends)



Rav Avi's weekly Parsha Forshpeis is distributed via email. To be added to the mailing list contact the office.


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Rabbi Weiss' Divrei Torah and Classes Archive

To access a wide range of Rav Avi's Torah and teaching - audio and text, compiled over many years by Bayit member Howard Alpert, please visit the HIR Archives by clicking here!

Class Schedule:

Class schedule is subject to change (and weekday classes (besides Hebrew Language) do not meet from late June through August), please check the weekly bulletin for full details.


  • Midrash Hashavua  8:05am, Main Sanctuary, with Rav Steven

  • Parasha Shiur 45 minutes before Mincha, Main Sanctuary, with Livya Tinestit

  • Listening Room, 75 minutes before Mincha in the summer, between Mincha and Maariv in the winter, Lower Level Bet Midrash, with Myra Estelle


  • Hebrew classes with Sara Kinberg.  
    • Monday - 7:30pm - Advanced Hebrew Ulpan (at the Atria) 
    • Wednesday - 7:30pm - Intermediate Hebrew Ulpan (Lobby) 
    • Thursday - 7:30pm - Biblical Hebrew and Siddur study. {Contact Sara at 718-548-2461}
  • Weekly Torah Portion with Rav Avi (at his home) (Resuming March 11th) 7:30pm


  • Topics in Genesis 10:00am with Rav Avi (Lobby)


  • Midreshei Nashim 11:30am with Rabba Anat (Lobby) 


  • Book of Isaiah 10:00am with Rav Steven (Lobby) 
Sun, September 19 2021 13 Tishrei 5782