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Bayit Bulletin - Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah

10/09/2020 12:07:55 PM


Hebrew Institute of Riverdale - the Bayit

21 - 28 Tishrei

October 9 - 16

Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah

Signup for Weekday Tefillah @ the Bayit:

To have a meal in the Bayit Sukkah on Shemini Atzeret (30 minute time limit) or make Kiddush (10 minute time limit) make your reservation at

There are seats remaining for some tefillot @ the Bayit for Shabbat & Yom Tov.  Complete the health screening and reserve a space at Reminder: Anyone who is not on the list will be turned away at the door. No Exceptions. If you registered, but your plans have changed please reply to this email as soon as possible so that we can release the seats to those on the wait list.

Youth Activities: Tot Shabbat @ 4:00pm tomorrow is fully booked. 

Children are invited to stop by the Bayit Sukkah on Simchat Torah afternoon to enjoy an ice cream treat (or pareve alternative) and say hello to our Rabbinic Team. Sign up here for a 15 minute slot between 1:30pm and 5:00pm.  One family per slot, please wear your mask except while eating.

Pickup the Simchat Torah @ Home activity packet from 11:30am - 4:30pm or click here to print at home! 

To view & print the full bulletin  click here.  The bulletin has new information as well as highlights of what we shared in multiple emails during the week. 

We encourage everyone who is not able to join tefillah in person to embrace "Tefillah B’yichud B’yachad" and pray at home at the times we normally pray together (listed below). 


        Mincha/Abbreviated Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv: 5:55pm (in person and via Zoom @ The livestream will be turned off before the Abbreviated Kabbalat Shabbat for Yom Tov

Candle Lighting: 6:05pm

Shacharit: 7:00am, 8:30am, 10:00am (x2), 10:15am  (both days)

Tot Shabbat: 4:00pm  (Shabbat Only)

Mincha/Maariv:  Shabbat:  6:00pm   Sunday: 6:10pm

Saturday Night: Candle Lighting: after 7:07pm

Sunday Night: Havdalah: 7:06pm

Sunday Night/Motzaei Yom Tov (Zoom) Havdalah & Post-Chag Relections w/Rav Steven:  7:45pm:  click here to join (audio-only dial-in option: 646-558-8656, Meeting ID: 6136133703#). 

 Resources For Shabbat & Yom Tov:

Click here for a list of tefillot, Torah and haftorah readings with page numbers for the RCA Artscroll, Koren-Sacks and Artscroll Transliterated siddurim and the Stone and Soncino chumashim.

Rabbi Linzer's Devar Torah: Click Here 

Sam Weingard's Parasha Comic: V'zot Ha'bracha

With the recognition that so many of us will be spending Shabbat on our own, we've put together a document on Finding Connection and Combating Loneliness on Shabbat - click here

High Holidays Appeal

Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our High Holiday Appeal so far this year. In a typical year, we raise about $400,000 from seat charges and the Kol Nidre and Yizkor Appeals on Yom Kippur. This represents almost 25% of our annual operating revenue.

In this unique time, we took the unprecedented, but appropriate, step of waiving all seat charges for the High Holidays. Thus, we are dependent on each member of the community making a voluntary donation to raise these critical operating funds.So far this year, almost 400 households have pledged over $250,000. This is a great start, but we are still well short of our goal.

If you have not made a contribution yet, please visit to make your pledge today.  We hope that those who are able will match their contribution from last year.

For those who are not able to maintain their past giving level, or have not contributed in the past, your gift of any amount is still meaningful. Thanks to the generosity of one of our member families, up to $50 of each gift will be matched 1:1, so that even a modest gift of $50 will provide $100 to the Bayit!


Wed, October 28 2020 10 Marcheshvan 5781