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Bayit Email Thu 5/7/20: 4:00pm Youth Parsha Learning, 8:45pm Medical Professionals Check-in, Daily Way to Help and More

05/07/2020 05:31:27 AM


Dear Bayit Family,
Today is the 28th day of the Omer - four weeks of the Omer.  28 is expressed as כח - the Hebrew word for strength.  May we find the strength we need today.
1) Today's Schedule and Links - Thursday, May 7
2) Today's Way to Help
3) Covid-19 Resources Page
4) Closing Message

1) Today's Schedule and Links - Thursday, May 7
• 6:45am: Shacharit -
• 7:30am: Daf Yomi - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3702
• 7:50am: Shacharit - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3700
• ~8:25am (following 7:50am tefillah): **NEW!** Laying the spiritual groundwork for Shabbat with Rabbanit Bracha - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3700
A mini-shiur and discussion on the upcoming week of Sefirat HaOmer. Using God's attributes (Sefirot) as a model for our lives, we will follow the path towards personal spiritual refinement as set down by the Kabbalists
• 10:00am - Book of Isaiah with Rav Steven or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 470 341 910
• 1:00pm-1:45pm: Breath-Body-Mind with Shira Gordon. RN, MS, MPH, certified Breath-Body-Mind Teacher. Movement and breathing for anxiety reduction and resilience - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3700
• 4:00pm: Youth Parsha Discussion with Bayit Youth Directors Emily Hausman & Joseph Robinson - learn and connect at
• 7:00pm: First Responders, Health Care Workers & Essential Workers Clap
• 7:45pm: Mincha/Maariv -
• ~8:15pm (following 
Mincha/Maariv): Niggun Circle returns! Each Thursday after Mincha/Ma'ariv or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3700
Join us to sing niggunim in wordless song and uplifting melody
• 8:45pm-9:30pm: Medical Professional Check-in and Process Space with Dr. Evelyn Hartman, Dr. Elli Kranzler, and Rav Steven - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3702 
2) Today's Way to Help
If you would like to suggest a way to help for the daily email, please send it to  You can find all of these ways to help collected on our Covid-19 Resources page here.
The Mask Project
The Mask Project is supporting out-of-work immigrant mothers to make filtered cloth masks for vulnerable populations in the community, focusing primarily on the Navajo Nation, seniors, refugees, and asylees who don't have access to this desperately needed piece of protection.  The Mask Project is a project of Arizona Jews for Justice.  Through the kindness of your donations, the group of immigrant mothers will able to safely make 750 masks per worker per week.  Learn more here.  If you would like to support this campaign, please donate here. And if you donate and you need a mask, please send us your address to and we will mail a mask to you.
3) Covid-19 Resources Page
4) Closing Message
Counting the omer is inherently an expression of hope. We count each day, leaving our servitude in Egypt behind and building up to becoming a fully free people in our covenantal relationship with God, receiving the Torah at the end of those seven weeks. The mitzvah to count the omer appears in this week's parashah, and it's there that the Ruzhyner Rebbe deepens our understanding of sefirah as an expression of hope. He points out that the command to count the omer is expressed as “usfartem lakhem mimahorat haShabbat” - count from the orientation, he says, of “mahorat”, "the day after". Make the counting of the omer be all about not just the day you are counting, but “mahar” -- tomorrow. In a time of so much uncertainty about today, let alone tomorrow, as we count each day of the omer, let us resolve not only to make it count for itself, but that the choices we make today also be about a better literal tomorrow.  (You can see this closing message in video format here.)
Reminder to all to take good care of ourselves and each other.  Try to do something specific today that strengthens you, and something else that strengthens someone else.
May it be a good day,
Rav Steven, Rav Ezra, Rabbanit Bracha, Rabba Sara and Rav Avi
Richard Langer, Executive Director
Daniel Feit, President
Staff Contact Info: Richard Langer: 732-626-5902,  /  Phyllis Newsome: 201-503-4923,  /  Yael Manor-Oshinsky: 201-503-5562,  /  Shuli Boxer Rieser: 929-269-2892,
All the emails we are sending about Covid-19 are posted to our website at Coronavirus Email #46

Thu, June 4 2020 12 Sivan 5780