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Bayit Coronavirus Email Sun 5/3/20: Today's Schedule including 9:30am Youth Havdalah and 9:30am Brunch Shiur w/R' Hirschfield and More

05/03/2020 05:31:49 AM


Dear Bayit Family,
Today is the 24th day of the Omer - three weeks and three days to the Omer.  
1) Today's Schedule and Links - Sunday, May 3
2) Today's Way to Help
3) Covid-19 Resources Page
4) Closing Message

1) Today's Schedule and Links - Sunday, May 3
• 7:30am: Daf Yomi - - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3702
• 8:30am: Shacharit - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3700
• 9:30am: Brunch Shiur with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield (BYOBrunch) - - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656;  Meeting ID 613 613 3700#: "Answering The World’s Oldest Question: 6 Torah Characters Who Discovered the Power of Hineini, and How You Can Too"
• 9:30am: **NEW** Virtual Havdalah for Bayit Youth: Join us as we welcome a new week through Havdalah. This Sunday experience will allow us to start our week with the virtual embrace of friendship. Hope to see you there:
• 7:00pm: First Responders, Health Care Workers & Essential Workers Clap
• 7:45pm: Mincha/Maariv -
• 8:45pm-9:30pm: Open Support and Process Space with Dr. Barbara Gochberg - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 373 071 966
2) Today's Way to Help
If you would like to suggest a way to help for the daily email, please send it to  You can find all of these ways to help collected on our Covid-19 Resources page here.
Join and Support the Skilled Laborers Brigade (SLB)
Before the COVID-19 crisis, all 500+ SLB members were paid professional tradesmen in the fashion and entertainment industries including tailors, cutters, pattern makers, seamstresses, stitchers, graphic artists, designers, and more. Most members belong to trade unions.
They are looking for from-home help to quickly turn materials into finished PPE. Professional tailors, seamstresses, cutters, die cutters pattern makers, milliners, props fabricators, fabric merchandisers, designers, production assistants, coordinators, drapers, manufacturers, graphic artists, stitchers, dyers, website builders, furniture upholsterers, marketing professionals, painters, fundraisers, puppet builders, weavers, metal workers, drafters, and 3D printers can all help. Volunteer your time, or donate at or at
3) Covid-19 Resources Page
4) Closing Message
As we begin a new week in this pandemic, my thoughts return to those who are at home with abusers - physical, sexual, emotional, verbal or otherwise.  Please know that we see you.  The JCADA, Shalom Task Force, and NYC's 24/7 helpline, 1-800-621-HOPE, are here.  Your Bayit clergy are here.  Let's continue to check in on friends and neighbors - sometimes that one call helps someone get the help they need.  If we are feeling stress, let's get the help we need to be healthy and safe.  In the spirit of this past Shabbat's message of "v'ahavta l'reiakha kamokha", loving our neighbors, let's be as loving as we can to each other.    (You can see the closing message in video format here.)
Reminder to all to take good care of ourselves and each other.  Try to do something specific today that strengthens you, and something else that strengthens someone else.
May it be a good day and a good week,
Rav Steven, Rav Ezra, Rabbanit Bracha, Rabba Sara and Rav Avi
Richard Langer, Executive Director
Daniel Feit, President
Staff Contact Info: Richard Langer: 732-626-5902,  /  Phyllis Newsome: 201-503-4923,  /  Yael Manor-Oshinsky: 201-503-5562,  /  Shuli Boxer Rieser: 929-269-2892,
All the emails we are sending about Covid-19 are posted to our website at Coronavirus Email #42

Thu, June 4 2020 12 Sivan 5780