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Bayit Coronavirus Email Mon 4/27/20: Today's Schedule including 7:30pm Communitywide Yom HaZikaron commemoration, Today's Ways to Help, and More

04/27/2020 05:31:38 AM


Dear Bayit Family,
Today is the 18th day of the Omer - two weeks and four days.  May it be a day of "chai" - of life-affirming choices.
1) Today's Schedule and Links - Monday, April 27
2) Town Hall Meeting Followups - Senator Biaggi Information, and Bayit Connects Program
3) Today's Ways to Help
4) Upcoming Events - Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut
5) Covid-19 Resources Page
6) Closing Message

1) Today's Schedule and Links (Including 8pm Town Hall Info) - Monday, April 27
• 6:45am: Shacharit -
• 7:30am: Daf Yomi - - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3702.
• 7:50am: Shacharit -
• 9:30am - Talmudic Tales *in Hebrew* with Rabbanit Bracha or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 470 341 910.
• 10:30am - Intermediate Talmud - Avodah Zarah with Rav Ezra - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 470 341 910.
• 11:30am - Halacha Chaburah with Burt Nusbacher - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 470 341 910.
• 1:00pm-1:45pm: Breath-Body-Mind with Shira Gordon. RN, MS, MPH, certified Breath-Body-Mind Teacher. Movement and breathing for anxiety reduction and resilience - or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 613 613 3700.
• 7:00pm: First Responders, Health Care Workers & Essential Workers Clap
• 7:30pm: Communitywide virtual Yom HaZikaron commemoration.  To register, click here.
• 7:35pm-8:00pm: Mincha/Maariv -
• 8:30pm-9:30pm: Rav Jeff Fox's Advanced Talmud Shiur - Mesechet Yevamot (Special Link:​​​​​.
2) Town Hall Meeting Followups - Senator Biaggi Information, and Bayit Connects Program
Thank you to all who joined our Town Hall meeting last night.  It was so strengthening to see each and every one of you.  Links to the the recording will follow later today or in tomorrow morning's email.
Senator Biaggi Information: We were honored to have Senator Biaggi and we thank her for her clear presentation and her office for all of their work.  You can receive the Senator’s COVID19 daily emails by clicking here.  Old emails are archived here.  If you are in need of assistance obtaining services, please reach out to the office by emailing or by calling 718-822-2049.  
Please note that on Wednesday, April 29th, from 5:00-6:00pm, the Biaggi office is hosting a town hall with New York City Health Commissioner Barbot, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives Phillip Thompson, Bronx Education Superintendent Meisha Ross Porter. RSVP and submit questions here:
Bayit Connects: We want to help our Bayit hevra connect with each other - and us.  Grab a group of around 10 friends and be in touch with a member of the clergy.  We will set up a Zoom room for you on the evening of your choosing, and join if you wish to learn a little Pirkei Avot (or any other text you choose), and then stick around for some virtual hanging out or leave the space open for you to do so.  Please contact any member of the clergy team to make this happen.
3) Today's Ways to Help
We will be offering new ways to help others in our community and beyond in this daily email.  There are so many opportunities to make a difference from our homes during this virus.  If you would like to suggest a way to help for the daily email, please send it to  You can find all of these ways to help collected on our Covid-19 Resources page here.
Support Bronx Community Relief
Join The Bronx community members, advocates and individuals who have come together to form The Bronx Community Relief Effort to provide immediate, mid-term, and long-term resources to vulnerable Bronx residents who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Bronx Community Relief helps our neighbors in eight areas of need: (1) Food Insecurity, (2) Small Business Relief, (3) Microgrants to People in Crisis, (4)Getting PPE to First Responders, (5) Helping Local Non-profits, (6) Connectivity and Technology Gaps, (7) Equity and Justice, and (8) Housing Stability.  For more information on The Bronx Community Relief Effort and to donate, please visit
Shopping Buddies
As we continue to adhere to social distancing, we become aware of more members of our community who need assistance with groceries and essential supplies.  We want to discourage “extra” errand running, and are looking to match up shopping buddies with others in their building or neighborhood.  When you plan an online order (preferred) or a shopping excursion, you would check in with your shopping buddy, and see what they need.  We need more volunteers.  If you can help, or want to learn more, please email
4) Upcoming Events - Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut
• Tue 4/28 7:45pm: Yom Haatzmaut night: Brief tekes ma'avar (ceremony of transition from Yom Hazikaron) and Festive Yom Haatzmaut Maariv with fun celebration following.  Details and Zoom link to follow.
• Wed 4/29 11:00am-5:00pm: Yom Haatzmaut online celebration will be broadcasted from The Jewish Agency FB English page: For schedule click here.
5) Covid-19 Resources Page
6) Closing Message
The last verse of today's shir shel yom, the song of the day for Monday, describes God as our eternal God, who will lead us (using the language "yenahageinu" - as a shepherd leads sheep) "al-mut".  Commentaries and translations debate the meaning of this word.  Some explain it as linked to youth - God will lead us gently, slowly, as one leads a small child.  Some translate that God will lead us until our time of death.  Others translate it that God will lead us beyond death.  We each experience our relationship with God differently in this terrible time - as in every time.  We may have questions, doubts and many emotions.  And we may find refuge.  May we seek - even, or especially - in this time, to feel God's presence somewhere today.
Reminder to all to take good care of ourselves and each other.  Try to do something specific today that strengthens you, and something else that strengthens someone else.
May it be a good day,
Rav Steven, Rav Ezra, Rabbanit Bracha, Rabba Sara and Rav Avi
Richard Langer, Executive Director
Daniel Feit, President
Staff Contact Info: Richard Langer: 732-626-5902,  /  Phyllis Newsome: 201-503-4923,  /  Yael Manor-Oshinsky: 201-503-5562,  /  Shuli Boxer Rieser: 929-269-2892,
All the emails we are sending about Covid-19 are posted to our website at Coronavirus Email #38


Thu, June 4 2020 12 Sivan 5780