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Bayit Coronavirus Email #4 - Zoom Support Groups 8:45pm, Sunday/Monday Updates, Adar Video #1, Current Purim Plans, and More

03/08/2020 07:39:06 PM


Dear Bayit Family,

We continue to pray for the health of those who have been infected with the Covid-19 virus and the recovery of those who are ill as a result of their infection.  This email contains a lot of important information impacting us all as well as many great resources for our community - please read it thoroughly and carefully and utilize it as appropriate.

1) Local Outbreak Information
2) Daily Adar Video #1 and Quarantined Households WhatsApp group!
3) Bayit-led Online Support Groups Beginning Tonight at 8:45pm on Zoom
4) Bayit Quarantine Errand Support System Live
5) Monday Class Schedule and Classes Shifting to Zoom
6) Purim Information
7) COVID-19 Email Scam Alert
8) Bayit COVID-19 Information Repository


1) Local Outbreak Information: SAR Academy and High School, Westchester Day School and Westchester Torah Academy are closed, and students and faculty have been instructed to self-quarantine as a precautionary measure. Household members of those in self-quarantine are not in quarantine themselves. As of the writing of this email we do not know of any confirmed cases in our Bayit membership.

2) Daily Adar Video #1 and Quarantined Households WhatsApp Group!: Our rabbinic team will be sending daily Adar videos to add cheer to those in quarantine and their families - and for all of us!  Please click here for Rav Steven’s Adar video, with some additional video participants!  To join a WhatsApp group for quarantined individuals where rabbinic team will post these videos and messages of chizzuk, please click here.

3) Bayit-led Online Support Groups Beginning Tonight at 8:45pm on Zoom: We will have online Zoom support space for those wishing to connect and process this experience together.  There will be two concurrent groups tonight from 8:45-9:30pm:

A) a group for those in quarantined households currently (click here for Zoom or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 825 875 813 to join at 8:45pm) facilitated by Rabba Sara, and

B) a group for all others wishing to connect and process this public and communal health challenge (click here for Zoom or dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 352 792 577 to join at 8:45pm) facilitated by Rav Ezra.  We hope to continue to offer these groups regularly - details will follow.

4) Bayit Quarantine Errand Support System Live: An amazing group of Bayit (and beyond!) volunteers is now deployed to assist with running errands for those in quarantined households.  Submit your requests here and someone will respond within a couple of hours.  Please share this resource - our community is here to help!

5) Monday Class Schedule and Classes Shifting to Zoom: Tomorrow, Monday March 9th, Rabbanit Bracha’s 9:30am class will not be meeting.  Rav Ezra’s 10:30am Talmud class will be taking place on Zoom (click here for Zoom for dial-in audio at +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 829 629 750.  The same link will work for Burt Nusbacher's Halacha Chaburah immediately following at 11:30am.

Weekday classes at this time will all be shifting to Zoom.  Links will follow.

Please note: we will be distributing links for joining our Zoom sessions for megillah readings, classes and youth activities. Please visit to open a free account. You may find it easier to use if you download the app to your phone or tablet. If you struggle with installation and the instructions on the website, please email and we will try and coach you as best we can.

6) Purim Information: As of today all scheduled tefillot and megillah readings will take place at the Bayit including Minyan Shachar and Beth Aharon. Please see our Purim page for details.  There will be an additional 5:30pm reading for working folks (no livestream option).  Many tefillot and Megillah readings will have Zoom/livestream options - details to follow.

Anyone who is in self-quarantine or not feeling well should stay home. Those in a high risk category as defined by the CDC should follow physician’s guidelines and err towards not coming to the Bayit or any large public gathering. 

Since so many of our youth and teens are affected by the self-quarantine measures, the Purim Carnival will not take place at the Bayit.  Our youth programming over Purim will be via Zoom. Stay tuned for specific details. 

All those who prepaid for the Purim Carnival will have the option of a refund or a credit towards a future program. We will contact those families shortly.

7) COVID-19 Email Scam Alert: It has been brought to our attention that scams related to Covid-19 are already proliferating The most popular is a scam phishing email with someone claiming to be from the CDC asking you to open a document explaining how to stop the spread of the virus. Please do not open attachments in emails unless you are 100% sure who the sender is. Please check the email address of the sender carefully - a favorite tactic of scammers is to try and disguise the sender name with something similar to a trusted person. 

8) Bayit COVID-19 Information Repository: All the emails, including Mishloach Manot guidelines, that we are sending about Covid-19 are posted to our website at

One more thought as we close this email.  Each of us has a responsibility to manage our mental health as well as our physical health. We are best able to support each other when we also take care of ourselves.  Let's take the time we can to unplug, take breaks and recharge however we do best.

May we continue to support each other - Purim Sameach,

Rav Steven, Rav Ezra, Rabbanit Bracha, Rabba Sara and Rav Avi
Richard Langer, Executive Director
Daniel Feit, President


Mon, November 23 2020 7 Kislev 5781