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Pre-Shabbat Message and Mishloach Manot Guidelines: Bayit Coronavirus Email #3

03/06/2020 04:28:47 PM


Dear Bayit Family,

As Shabbat Zachor enters, we have in our hearts and tefillot all those suffering from COVID-19 and the communities here in New York, around the country and around the world that have been affected in different ways.  It is a challenging time.

This is a moment in our Bayit to focus both on our own health and welfare and to look out for others.  The self-quarantine process is stressful and challenging for individuals and families; people in at-risk groups are feeling greater vulnerability and concern.  Across the community and the city we are rising to the occasion with clear communication, cross-institution collaboration, and interpersonal support.  May we continue to truly marshal our strength to focus both on our own welfare and the welfare of others - that's what makes us a Bayit, whether we are all present in its physical walls or not.

Among our many thoughts and considerations for the coming days has been thought about how Mishloach Manot should look different this Purim.  We are recommending a minimal approach to observing the mitzvah - delivering two food items just to one recipient - and applying the guidelines we have been continually sharing about appropriate hygiene to the practice of Mishloach Manot preparation.

Please click here to read the guidelines and the thinking behind them.

We will continue to update in advance of Purim.

May we continue to support each other - Shabbat shalom,
Rav Steven, Rav Ezra, Rabbanit Bracha, Rabba Sara and Rav Avi
Richard Langer, Executive Director
Daniel Feit, President
Mon, November 23 2020 7 Kislev 5781